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An annotated bibliography is a short list of the available sources on a given topic. In higher education, students are commonly tasked with this type of assignment. Based on the context of the assignment, it can be either a stand-alone exercise or a part of a larger research project. To compile an annotated bibliography, a student has to properly understand and summarize the main argument of a source. If a research article is included in a list, one has to identify its thesis/theses, methodology, results, and conclusion. In either case, it is not that easy to do.

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What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of scholarly sources on a certain subject. The sources in an annotated bibliography can either come from inside or outside of the course syllabus. Unlike a bibliography, which is simply a compilation of sources, this type of assignment requires a short summary and evaluation of sources. By assigning an annotated bibliography to a student, an instructor encourages them to engage in extensive reading on the subject.

Why You Might Need Our Help with Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated bibliographies are regularly assigned to students to introduce them to various sources. However, the familiarization with written works is not the only purpose of this type of assignment. To create an annotated bibliography, a student should engage in thorough research and analysis. Whereas locating scholarly sources is a fairly easy task, it is rather problematic to access them. The lion’s share of academic research is curated by private companies who hide it behind paywalls. This makes it unreasonably difficult for students to harvest knowledge from extant research. Fortunately, our writers have subscriptions to large repositories of academic literature. They also subscribe to academic journals in their respective fields of studies. Therefore, they will easily access the most recent articles for your annotated bibliography, thereby increasing your chances of receiving a good grade.

Another reason you need our assistance is grounded in the complexity of the assignment itself. Without sufficient background in reading and analyzing large volumes of scholarly writing, it is virtually impossible to compile a decent annotated bibliography. A piece of writing has to be broken into major components and investigated thoroughly. If you don’t have skills necessary to properly evaluate and summarize a scholarly source, prepare for harsh criticism.

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By the way, time is another stumbling-stone for those attempting to prepare an annotated bibliography without sufficient experience in doing so. The assignment is arguably the most time-consuming task a student encounters in college barring a term paper and thesis. An average annotated bibliography has at least 10 sources. If you need a comprehensive work, which will be graded highly by a professor, the number of sources should be even larger.

The items in an annotated bibliography must be derived from books, chapters in edited volumes, academic journals, and government reports among others. It means that a student should search through an intimidatingly large number of sources to find relevant ones. Furthermore, they have to read many, many, many materials to properly evaluate and summarize them. All of the above activities are soul-crushingly hard and time-consuming. Therefore, if you have a short period to complete your annotated bibliography, it’s better to ask seasoned professionals for some assistance.

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