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We can shape your perfect resume, curriculum vitae, and cover letter to make a great initial impression. With our help, you will look the best applicant for any position.

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You get fully original resume or CV essay – no copying any content from online samples! Based on your data, we will effectively present your strong sides to increase your chances of success.

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We create resumes and CVs using the best practices and neat layouts. No "fill-in-the-gaps" templates. Style & formatting will tailor the position you're applying to.

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Selling yourself is an art. Right, if you want a particular company or organization to hire you, you should highlight your best qualities and explain why the company would benefit from having you as a part of their team. And the first step towards success is presenting yourself with the help of resume, curriculum vitae (CV) and/or cover letter. That's where FloridaEssay high-quality resume writing essay services can help!

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you just send out a bunch of emails with the document we can help you create, and next day you just wake up employed. You will have to pass phone and/or face-to-face interview(s) – with HR manager, your potential boss, and even chief executives. But before that, your resume must be selected among hundreds of other applications. Actually, getting through this grinder is arguably the hardest thing in the entire process. Just imagine, according to statistics by Glassdoor, only 2% (!) candidates earn an interview for an average job opening.

Our professional writers perfectly know peculiarities of three major application papers – resume, CV, and cover letter – and for which purpose each of them suits the best. Armed with recognized expertise and field's best practices, we can help you significantly increase your chances of making it into this tiny group of 2% called in for an interview. And the rest depends solely on you!

Afraid to miss out on the position of your dream?
Confused where to start from in terms of structure and style?
Your solution is turning to professional
resume writing services!
Daunted by possible grammar mistakes?
Want your resume to stand from the crowd?

Major Application Services We Offer

Resume writing

The primary product of our job-oriented services is a resume – a short (1-2 pages) summary of your career and education biography. The peculiarity of a resume is that it's not a "one size fits all" document. Instead, it doesn't have particular formatting and is highly customizable. Before coming up with your resume, our experienced writers thoroughly examine data about the company and the position you're applying for. Then, based on gathered information and your requirements, they tailor your resume to this specific post in this specific organization in this specific field. Thus, we make your education, work experience, achievements, and skills as relevant to what HR managers are looking for as it only gets. If needed, we can also develop a resume goal, personal statement or even references to be included in the document. That said, we’ll keep your resume concise and clear while channeling all important information that would make you look an outstanding candidate.

Curriculum vitae

Contrary to widespread opinion, there are significant differences between resume and CV. Basically, curriculum vitae ("course of life" in Latin) is a detailed document where your education and work accomplishments are accompanied by achievements, honors, and rewards from various fields. Things that show what kind of person – not only a professional – you are often get included too. Plus, often CV is used in the academic or scientific field. As a result, a document can stretch for several pages and is 'static'. The latter means that CV is not tailored to a specific position and has more or less established layout. Our writers mastered the art of composing CVs perfectly. You get professionally created document, which will stand out from hundreds of applications and present you as the best possible candidate on all sides.

Cover letter

Many think that a cover letter is something like a resume repacked in a narrative form. So wrong! You should never repeat your resume information in the cover letter! Instead, it should complement your resume or CV. With the help of our highly qualified writers, you'll be able to come up with a killer cover letter emphasizing your strengths and value. It will also clearly explain how you can contribute to the development of the company you wish to join and help achieve their goals. It goes without saying that our experts carry out an in-depth research of the target company and position requirements. Rest assured that after reading such cover letter, an HR manager will recognize a whole bunch of reasons to pick you out of the candidate pool!

Whatever You Need – We Can Do That

Your satisfaction is not mere words for us. That's why we keep our prices affordable and our services flexible. We will gladly check, proofread or edit resume, CV or cover letter you've already compiled. Thus, you can make sure that these important documents do not contain grammar mistakes, factual errors or formatting flaws. Or – we can come up with the entire thing written from scratch! All you need to do is specify your requirements while placing an order.

Our Benefits

folder icon Complete confidentiality

We never share any of your data with third parties! The security of your private information is guaranteed.

documents icon Free revisions

Each order comes with a possibility to request up to 3 free revisions to perfect any type of paper.

edit icon Plagiarism check

No copy-pasting, no reusing previously written or pre-composed stuff. Only fully original, plagiarism-free content.

like icon Professionally written

The experts we hire have extensive experience in resume writing and a proven record of successful applications.

archive icon Industry-specific

Our professional writers perform thorough research and can tailor your resume to a particular company or business field.

email icon Platform-specific

Whether you need to send out a business-style CV via email or post an engaging cover letter on LinkedIn or Facebook, we can help.

telemarketer icon ATS-optimized content

As many HR managers use Applicant Tracking Systems, our writers optimize your application according to the principles of such software.

piggybank icon Discounts & bonuses

For the first order, you receive 15% off. With every order, you may get bonuses and later use them to pay for new orders.

telemarketer icon Loyal support

Our customer support managers are always there for you to explain, guide, help, and resolve any issue that may arise.

Ordering Process Made Easy and Quick

The process of ordering a resume, CV, and cover letter is a bit different from buying an essay
or research paper but remains fast and simple.

1 step

Fill out Questionnaire

Once you fill out the offered Order Form (just mention that you need resume writing instead of academic writing), you will be offered a special questionnaire to ease the process.

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Proceed with payment

Use our secure online payment system to pay for the order with MasterCard, Visa, AmEx or Discovery cards.

3 step

Communicate with the writer

Our expert will get back to you to specify the details. When ready, the writer will send you the paper for you check the content and request the revision if necessary.

4 step

Final Delivery

Get the final document and proceed on your road to the job of your dream!

Boost your chances to get your dream job by calling in professional resume writing help today!

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