Quality Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Policy


The sole focus of FloridaEssay is the provision of high-quality academic assistance. It means that we always take your grievances seriously and are ready to compensate you for any unpleasant experience should it occur.

We’ve put in place a dispute resolution policy to brought any disputes to an end and help you assert your rights. To arrive at a negotiated outcome, you are encouraged to voice your concerns to our Manager whose responsibility is to function as a mediator in a dispute. Their priority is ensuring that all our customers are satisfied.

To facilitate effective resolution, you should settle a dispute with our Customer Experience Manager via a specifically-designed Client Quality Evaluation procedure. It will be much easier and more satisfactory than trying to resolve a dispute with the help of the payment system. Our process is straightforward and requires only a few steps.

A paper I’ve got falls short of my expectations. What now?

If you are not satisfied with your paper, three options are available to you:

Issue a revision request

  • Provide revision instructions in as much detail as possible.

If the writer fails to edit the paper satisfactorily, then you can

Choose another writer

  • Specify your revision expectations clearly.
  • Specify whether you want the new author to write the paper from scratch (remember: it’s free).

If you think that the new paper is poorly written, it’s time for

Quality Evaluation

  • initiate a dispute with a Customer Experience Manager if the final variant of the paper is still unacceptable.

What is the Quality Evaluation?

The Quality Evaluation procedure has been developed to investigate the context in which any disturbing experience occurred and arrive at a satisfactory resolution. The procedure allows you to settle a dispute with a Customer Experience Manager via a conciliation, which may take the form of a refund or other compensation. Once again, you are encouraged to settle a dispute with our Customer Experience Manager instead of bringing the matter to the attention of the payment system. The former guarantees quick and efficient resolution, whereas the latter can take a lot of your time.

Under which circumstances will you evaluate the quality of my paper?

  • The evaluation of the quality of your paper is due if you are not satisfied with it and revisions won’t help.
  • You approved the paper, but your professor claims that it has been plagiarized. To initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure, you should provide credible proof of plagiarism from trusted plagiarism detection software.

Is there additional information I should be aware of when asking for the Quality Evaluation?

Before assigning the Quality Evaluation status to a paper, familiarize yourself with the following pages:

How is the Quality Evaluation status assigned?

  1. Start by contacting our Customer Support Representatives and informing them about your desire to evaluate an order.
  2. Read the automatically generated message and confirm the status assignment with your Manager.
  3. Provide solid evidence to support your request for compensation (e.g., comments from your instructor, a graded essay or a plagiarism report).

How long will my order's quality evaluation take?

  • The Quality Evaluation procedure might take up to 14 days. On average, it does not take longer than a week because we appreciate our customers and want to arrive at a satisfactory resolution as soon as possible. If a mediated outcome doesn’t occur within 14 days after the completion of the Quality Evaluation procedure, the possibility of a future refund will be foreclosed.

How do I get a high-quality paper without resorting to the Quality Evaluation procedure?

There are several things that can be done to maximize your chances of receiving top-notch written materials:

  • Authorize your payment at the right time to avoid undue delays. We will assign a writer to your order only after the payment authorization.
  • Provide a writer with an outline to ensure that you both are on the same page.
  • Select the Preferred Writer option each time. It is more efficient to maintain a relationship with a writer who has previously worked on your papers than to start a new relationship for each order.
  • Regularly check messages and notifications to keep track of your order’s progress. Do this on an hourly basis for urgent orders and a daily basis for regular ones. Remember that close communication with your writer is a key to receiving a high-quality paper. The best way to monitor the progress of your paper is to select the VIP Customer Service, which includes SMS notifications.
  • Be specific when issuing a revision request. Precise instructions help a writer revise your paper properly.
  • Contact Customer Experience Manager if you can’t resolve an issue with a Customer Support Representative. The manager can be reached at support@floridaessay.com.