Cookies Policy


Throughout this policy, terms “we,” “us,” and “our” (and similar words) refer to (“Website”).

The terms “you” and “your” refer to the person visiting or using the Website.

All capitalized terms in this policy shall have no meaning other than those specified above unless stated otherwise.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text data that are stored by your browser to identify your visits and remember your preferences. These files are sent from our server to your computer every time you visit the Website.

By remembering your preferences, cookie data helps us improve your experience with our Website. For example, they keep you from entering login details during each visit. Cookies are also needed to save your ordering details and contribute to the ease of navigation. Most importantly: they cannot be used to identify you personally.

By accessing and using the Website, you consent to our use of cookies. This includes setting and reading cookies on a device used to visit the Website. You can always disable cookies. However, keep in mind that some functionality of the Website might not be available to you after disabling them.

How Do We Use Cookies?

Two types of cookies are used on the Website:

  • Persistent cookies

Cookies of this type are stored on your device for a predetermined period of time and are activated during each visit to the Website.

  • Session cookies

These cookies are temporary. They are instantly erased when you close a tab. We use session cookies to enhance the security of the internet banking. They are also needed for webmail to function.

We Use Cookies to:

  • manage your ordering process. Please, note that you will not be able to fill out the order form if you disable cookies;
  • provide you with around-the-clock support;
  • keep you logged in;
  • analyze your activities via Google Analytics.

More Information on Cookies We Use

The following table lists the main cookies set by our Website and explains their use.

Cookie Name


_ga, _gat, _gat_UA-26122131-1, _gali, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz

These cookies are utilized in conjunction with Google Analytics. We gather them to understand how you interact with the Website. To find out more, read Cookies Set by Google Analytics and Google Analytics Privacy Overview.


These cookies are associated with Google services. Google Inc. uses them to analyze user preferences on pages having Google Maps, Gmail, and other services of the company.


This temporary cookie is a reference to serialize state data of a session. All information is stored on the web server; therefore, the cookie disappears as soon as you leave a page.

client_country, client_ip, client_start_time, order_page_time, last_visit, visit_count, first_visit_time, order_type, order_time, order_type_new, de_client, un, un1

These cookies are used to identify activities of users on the Website and displaying information that is relevant to them. For example, the client country cookie allows us to provide you with content that is specific to your country of residence.

datr, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate, fr

These cookies are provided by Facebook. They are only active if you are signed in to your Facebook page at the moment of visiting the Website. The cookies allow you to leave comments on our social media page and share our content with ease.

guest_id, twitter_ads_id

By using these cookies provided by Twitter, you can follow our account on the social network and share our content. Twitter also relies on these cookies to streamline the provision of its own services.


This cookie file is tied with AdRoll. By means of this cookie, we can display content promoting our services on other websites. AdRoll also helps us to place a remarketing cookie, which is a completely anonymous process.

go_back_modal_shown, sign_up_form, discount_code, banner_show, marketing_info, app_banner_close, thnks_banner_close, check_cap, client_lead, client_leads, client-lead-informer-closed

This group of cookies is used collectively to improve the user experience of our Website. For instance, when these cookies are active, you will not be displayed the same pop-up message twice.


This cookie is set by WordPress every time you go to the login page. The cookie is needed to verify whether your browser permits the usage of cookies or not.


This cookie is also related to WordPress. It helps to determine when you are logged in and who you are.


This WordPress cookie allows personalizing the admin and Website interfaces.

How to Disable or Delete Cookies

If you demur at the use of cookies, you can always disable or delete them. However, as has been mentioned above, you are strongly recommended against doing so because of their vital role in providing our Services. Without cookies, we will not be able to guarantee the proper functioning of the Website. It is not uncommon that the order form stops working with disabled cookies.

Furthermore, the use of cookies allows us to have a better insight into visitors’ activities on the Website, which is instrumental in the continuous user experience improvement efforts.

Additional information about the purpose, use, and management of cookies can be found at

To prevent Google Analytics from tracking your activities, go to

It has to be kept in mind that we do not gather any personally identifiable data through the use of cookies.