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Whether you need to convert handwriting, voice, video or picture into plain text, we can do that for you at breakneck speed.

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Once typed, every text is thoroughly checked for spelling mistakes and typos, as well as grammar and punctuation issues.

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We guarantee complete confidentiality of our services along with highly professional responsive support to deal with any issues.

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We provide one of the most accurate and fast data typing services on the market. Given that the task of typing and transcribing is extremely tedious and time-consuming, our clients rely on the professional help. Our highly-trained team of typists and transcribers works hard to ensure the high recognition accuracy across all textual, visual, and audio media.

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Can't understand what a native speaker is saying?
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Since we employ professionals, who are not restricted to particular locations, there’s never a shortage of talent. All members of our team are educated transcribers who are closely familiar with a wide range of colloquial languages, dialects, and accents. Therefore, you can be sure that we will turn any audio or video recording into accurate text, be it meant for your study or legal purposes. The same applies to the conversion of handwritten notes, lectures, project lists, and diaries among others into digital documents.

Our Typing Services

Typing and Transcribing Services in Florida

With our image data typing service, you can turn almost picture, PDF file or presentation into simple text-based formats. We strive to make sure that the outcome of our work is clean, uniform, and accurate regardless its volume, topic, and complexity.

Re-typing handwritten text

Students still have to do a lot of handwriting nowadays (e.g., in workbooks). Once you need to convert lectures or other materials into uniform text format, we're here to help you out. Our team of typists is skilled at typing handwritten text in Florida.

Transcribing audio/video

Don’t want to spend hours transcribing a barely legible recording? Our specialists will do it for you. Here at FloridaEssay, we are used to turning audio and video files with background noises and unintelligible parts into easily perceived digital texts.

Our dedication to quality helps us to ensure that all customers are provided with accurate texts proofread by our editors. If you order our services, you will not just receive durable documents, but you’ll also have a peace of mind that comes with the realization that the important work has been done right. In our fast-paced world, nobody has time for monotonous data entry. Why not outsource the task to professionals?

We Are Better Than Software

The modern voice and optical character recognition (OCR) software are characterized by a number of serious flaws that make their use extremely impractical. Some tones and inflections are hardly recognized by voice recognition soft. The same applies to rare accents and dialects. Limited vocabulary of voice recognition and OCR software results in missing and garbled words. Industry-specific acronyms are rarely recognized by such applications, which makes it useless for any specialized knowledge area. In addition, document formatting is always lost in the output of OCR apps.

Needless to say that our services are free from limitations associated with the use of scanning and transcribing software. Given that we utilize human typists and transcribers, the quality of output materials is guaranteed across all types of texts that cause issues for software. Specifically, we are capable of turning the following source materials into 100 % accurate text:

  • Blurry forms;
  • Draft copies;
  • Small font copies;
  • Handwritten copies;
  • Notes on colored paper;
  • Audio and video with heavy accents, background noises, and distortions.
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Key Benefits of Using Our Accurate Typing Services in Florida

rocket Exceptional Speed

Our team of experienced professionals will deliver quality materials in an extremely short span of time. We are capable of managing tight deadlines while maintaining the sublime quality of work.

Mathematics Price Estimation

Don’t know how much a transcription of several audio tracks will cost? The members of our Customer Support Team will quickly create a price estimate. This will help you to stick to your budget and give you better control of your money.

telemarketer Fast Communication

With our Customer Support Team, you can expect fast and meaningful responses. We work hard to ensure that the speed and quality of information provided to you exceed your expectations. Track the progress on your order by contacting us either via the messenger in your control panel. We are always there for you!

like Better Results

The conversion of raw data into digital text requires the unremitting application of effort and high precision. It can be extremely difficult to obtain excellent results without proper background in transcribing and typing. Therefore, only the involvement of our professional services guarantees satisfaction with the end results.

telemarketer Radical Accuracy

We provide 100% error-free typing and transcribing services, which is why you can use the text materials we create in educational, business, and even legal settings. We only hire people with a knack for accuracy. The complete lack of misspellings and other errors is achieved through their uncanny ability to pay attention to detail and quickly eliminate even the tiniest variations between the input and output materials.

Who Needs Florida Professional Typing Service

Keyboard wizards, individuals with perfect pitch, and people who have plenty of time don’t need to use professional & fast typing and transcribing services. For the rest of humanity, there’s FloridaEssay.

We work hard to ensure that students, business professionals, and self-employed individuals around the globe have more time for study and leisure. Such people often feel rushed. Do you find yourself thinking “If only I had three extra hours, then I could finish my work”? If you answer in the affirmative, then don’t wait and become our client!

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We also serve students who are deaf or hard of hearing. For such individuals, transcription is the most natural way of getting access to audio information that comes in the form of sound clips, podcasts, and recorded lectures among others. We are dedicated to helping hearing-impaired people to regain their informational freedom and improve their quality of life.

Our services are also appreciated by students with physical disabilities who are incapable of using a keyboard and mouse for typing. They record notes and ask us to turn them into textual materials.

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