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Your graduate research can be only as good as your proposal. A poorly-developed proposal will be rejected by a thesis or doctoral supervisory committee of your educational institution. Therefore, it is utterly important to write a research proposal demonstrating the originality and promise of your future research. If you are not 100% certain in your ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and – most importantly – persuasively, feel free to request our help with research proposal.

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Regardless of your discipline and research area, the proposal should arouse the readers’ interest and obtain their approval for conducting research. FloridaEssay’s talented writers know how to predispose a supervisory committee favorably toward your proposal. They have already helped many students write and submit coherent summaries of their future research. You won’t have to navigate the onerous rules of proposal writing if you become our customer today!

How Help Writing a Research Proposal

Remember: even a brilliant project will be dismissed if it is poorly proposed. Instead of running the risk of rejection, use the expertise of our writers. They start by thoroughly researching a topic as well as assessing the project’s validity and usefulness. Then, they draft a proposal, which includes the following sections:

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The writers come up with a concise and descriptive title of the proposed project. They make sure that the title reflects functional relationships between independent and dependent variables of the future research. In addition to making the title informative, they try to make it catchy.

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Research methods

A research proposal crafted by our professionals outlines research methods. It helps the supervisory committee understand how your research will be conducted in terms of data gathering and analysis. Based on this section, the committee decides whether your research is feasible.

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This section is written to introduce the commission to the rationale for the project, its significance, the methodology, and expected findings. Sometimes, the abstract includes the design, procedures, samples, and tools of the future research.

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Research aims and questions

This part of the proposal is used to outline the central aims of the project as well as to present questions that will guide the study. Writers make sure that the questions are narrow enough to make the thorough exploration of the relevant issues feasible.

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Significance of study

The writers explain why the intended study is original and significant. They present their arguments for the importance of research and back them up with evidence from the extant academic literature.

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Reference list

The writers include a short list of sources that are relevant to the development of the future study.

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The writers use this section of a proposal to provide the broad background of the study. They frame the research problem in the context of the general area of study and summarize the current state of knowledge on the topic. Furthermore, the introduction presents the readers with the boundaries of the study, which is necessary to achieve a clear methodological focus.

To write a research proposal, one should possess a complex set of research skills as well as deep knowledge of their practice area. If you have doubts about your ability to produce a convincing proposal, you’ll benefit from our help.

Pitfalls of Research Proposal Writing

The autonomy of writing a research proposal on your own comes with its perks; however, there are also dangerous pitfalls. If it’s your first proposal for a research project, there are manifold chances of bungling it horribly. Given that the acceptance of your future study is at stake, it is essential to avoid the following pitfalls:

  • failure to provide the sufficient background for the project;
  • failure to delineate the boundaries of the study;
  • failure to review and cite the seminal literature;
  • failure to provide coherent arguments;
  • failure to present clear and precise writing;
  • failure to focus on important details;
  • failure to provide a sufficient text volume;
  • failure to follow a requested citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.).

At this point, it is fairly obvious that only the previous experience of research proposal writing can save you from delivering a sub-standard work. If you don’t have such experience, you would be better off using our help.

Why We Are Better Than Other Companies

The market is plentiful with companies offering their research proposal writing services. The myriad of options is compelling, but it makes many students unable to choose. To spare you the anguish of choice-making, we’ve compiled a short list of our key strengths. You will benefit by choosing FloridaEssay over other companies because:

  • we mainly hire degree-holding writers from English-speaking countries;
  • we guarantee 100% unique research proposals without plagiarism;
  • we provide a title page, reference list, plagiarism check and 3 revisions for free;
  • we always maintain customer privacy;
  • we deliver high-quality research proposals at affordable prices.

How to Buy Research Proposal

The order can be placed in three simple steps:

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You can either fail at convincing your supervisory committee that your research project is worth pursuing or you can triumphantly succeed at it. It’s up for you to decide. Want to succeed?

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