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Even those students who were successful in high school often struggle in college. Rather than enjoying the memorable college experience, they endure it. If you find it difficult to live up to your academic potential, you are not alone. Approximately 80% of students belong to a struggling cohort. It turns out that sheer work ethics is not enough to ace tests and excel in the academic environment. The reasons for this are multifaceted.

Some argue that the current academic culture is largely responsible for producing poor-performing students. Others point to the lack of proper assistance from the college faculty. Our experience suggests that the latter is the case. Educators are often blind to students’ needs. Therefore, even the most studious learners can be smart and failing at the same time. This paradox shouldn’t exist, but it does.

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Here at FloridaEssay, we recognize the importance of proper academic assistance, which is why we’ve created this Questions & Answers (Q&A) service. Our talented team of professionals will quickly provide you with necessary academic aid. If you struggle with a complicated assignment or don’t know how to cite a source, we are here to offer you a helping hand and comprehensive tuition.

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When It's Time to Call in Help

For us, there are no wrong questions.

Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with a right question while in class. Not all instructors are capable of establishing an environment conducive to productive intercourse. Therefore, there is no surprise that some students are unwilling to engage in inquiry.

Fortunately, we know how to spark a dialogue. The sole purpose of the Q&A service is to help you close the achievement gap, thereby joining the ranks of highly-performing students. It means that you can ask us anything as long as it helps you succeed in college.

Exams, exams, exams. The most important and dreadful thing in college. The fear of failure can be so agonizing as to become the sole cause of the collapse. We’ve been in this business long enough to recognize that the extreme pressure of exams and anxiety it produces are not to be dismissed. Therefore, we’ve created a comfortable online environment that reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed and instigates students to ask questions.

By communicating with our professionals and asking them even the most challenging questions on virtually any topic, you can boost your confidence and improve your preparation level. To better understand the value of our proposition, ask yourself: “What works for me better: a crowded classroom setting or individualized online help?” It takes courage to raise your hand in class and ask a professor to elaborate on their point. If you are not completely immune to shyness, the chances are that you’ve been hesitant to ask questions about the unfamiliar material.

We are working hard to provide you with individualized attention. You won’t get this kind of attention in a crowded classroom.

The consequences of not having answers to your questions can be equally important and terrifying. First of all, glaring gaps in knowledge will inevitably occur. Learners who are missing important information can experience a considerable drop in self-esteem. We provide the professional Q&A service because we recognize that you should obtain answers. There are many ways of acquiring knowledge and asking is the surest of them all.

What You Can Ask


We’ve decided to revolutionize the way students get help. We are here to both assist you in your academic endeavors and nurture your love of learning. It means that you are welcome to ask us anything as long as it pertains to academic studies. We will help you ace tests and exams. We will help you understand complex topics. We will help you better organize your academic life.

Not sure how to calculate return on investment? Don’t know how to analyze content and structural semiotics of Byron’s poems? We are here for you!

Feel at a loss? Order one-on-one Q&A help now and unleash your academic potential!

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