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What Is the Right Way to Implement Sex Ed In Schools?

sexual education in schools

The topic of whether or not to provide a Sex Ed curriculum to students has been an extreme heated debate for many years. There are people who avidly support teaching Sexual Education in schools, while others wish to solely promote abstinence-only programs.

However, the only right way to implement Sex Education in schools is to actually implement it. Time and time again, abstinence-only programs have proven to be ineffective in many aspects of teenage sexual health and education,…

Cyberbullying vs Bullying: Why Online Is No Better Than in Life

essay about online bullying

The internet gives us access to many media outlets. It keeps us informed on the news, weather, fashion, drama, and politics. It allows us to share information, advice, tips, and how to do things. But it can be equally prone to harboring unhelpful, hurtful, and damaging content.  Many media outlets such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, which invite user commenting, are at risk for containing such content.

It is often said that “We are our own worst critics.” That is to say,…

Have Swipe Left or Right Dating Apps Killed Romance?

online dating essay

This is how dating has changed over the years. My grandmother has always told me the very romantic way she met my grandfather: he would wait to see her walking home during his lunch break so he could walk her the rest of the way home, sometimes buying her a soda or milkshake. Pretty soon it was milkshakes and movies every weekend. My other grandmother used to recall the months and months she spent waiting for my grandfather to return from the war so they could get married. Both of these stories…

Why Donald Trump Is Bad for America

essay about trump

As a president, your job is to make the country better and more united than separated. Here as a country, we have a President by the name of Donald Trump, a former reality star and real-estate tycoon. So far, his way, of being president was gone wrong there for he has come to a terrible leader and as far as I’m concerned it will only become worse.

After only four months of being in office, he promised his trump supports that he would fix everything that former President Obama hadn’t settled in…

Gun Control in America – What Should Be Done?

gun control essay sample

There has been about 334 mass shootings in 2018 alone. In 2017, there were nearly 40,000 people who were killed by guns. That number is the highest it’s been since 1968. This nation’s government has watched shooting after shooting, but still, nothing changes. The United States has to tighten its gun laws and protect its people. Enough is enough. So, here are my arguments for gun control in America.

On February 14th, 2018, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people. Nikolas showed many signs of…