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Disclaimer: This post is written by Nickolas, the student from Stetson University and our regular customer. We’ve asked him to make the order from Ultius.com and tell us if he liked it.

The company was founded in Delaware, which exempts its owners from personal liability for fraud and debt obligations. Judging by customer complaints to the BBB, the company's new legal status has not contributed to an improvement in its services. Although I cannot give the exact reasons for the agency's sloppy performance and the fact that sites like Ultius have a history of stiffening their customers, we can explore the current state of affairs. I have examined many websites that resemble these websites, which I am about to review, and have found that advertising promises are rarely kept.

Before comparing the obligations of these companies with actual performance, I would like to raise an important question: how does Ultius compare with other companies?

Ultius, Inc. is the legal name of the Agency, and Ultius will not change its name in any way, form or form for the purposes of this review. We have not renamed any of our products or services such as our website, website, social media pages, etc. or our website.

To get familiar with the web chatter on this matter, read this article or if you want to do a Google review of the company, enter "Ultius dot com" to get the results you want. Describe your experience when buying the essay and evaluate its quality and overall performance. If Ultius is good at something, it is good enough for you, but not so good that you will evaluate it.

Ultius Trade's share is for research and offers customers significantly higher prices than other providers. For the same work to be written in 3 hours, the customer must turn over 54 dollars per page. This is urgent work at master level and costs between 17 and 50 dollars per page, but it is an academic work.

You may want to deal with writing a newspaper, but for Christ's sake you are a customer of Ultius and were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

With the voucher you can pay for the newspaper, otherwise you would not be very lucky, but you can also participate by placing an order and applying for a discount.

If someone finds your Ultius login, they will have access to your private information, and if you have been hacked into your account, a malicious person will have all your personal information and other important information that you do not want to see. Security concerns are taken seriously, but given the company's disorderly situation, it's hard to guess what kind of account security users can expect.

If anyone has ever had a problem with plagiarism, I'm sure professors don't take stolen material lightly, nor do anyone else.

The same applies to late submissions: those who arrive late must expect a penalty of a poor grade, and those who do not.

Obviously, the information that is normally passed on to freshmen is not available to the author's company, and an investigation into the matter has yielded nothing but empty excuses. You can find the information on the website of the Student Office of the University under the section "Student Affairs."

As if the late delivery wasn't enough, the work has been plagiarized, which brings us to the most important question of all: Can Turnitin be recognized as Ultius, and if so, why?

We uploaded the Ultius Review Draft to check it is unique, and we used the plagiarism detection feature of Turnitin, a free open source plagiarism detection tool, to detect it. It shows that the design contains 7% of stolen material, but only 1% of the original material.

We are faced with more outrageous hoaxes using academic ghostwriting methods, but this claims that the Telegraph operator who processed the urgent order is responsible for the botched paper. So we called Ultius in writing, tried to refuse the order and the customer services representative assured us it was ongoing. He offered us free premium service, so we refused and called back.

That was all very well, but we could not understand why the situation arose in the first place. The representative promised us that appropriate disciplinary action would be taken and we were promised that.

We believe that someone in the company should have made a written application and cover letter before hiring the author. This would also help to deter unscrupulous authors from plagiarising, i.e.

To complete this review, we assign a score to each of the works we have received: a half-decent book review gets 2.5 points if it was written too late and partially plagiarized. That is why the writers of Ultius are so underfunded and clever, and that is why they are so much better than all of us.

I had read several Glassdoor reviews suggesting that the authors were underpaid, and many complained that the company did not offer compensation for incidental expenses such as travel, travel, etc. So I researched what it was like to work at Ultius and contacted the writers working there. I wish I had done this work before I decided to place my order, but I am glad I did, because it turned out that I worked for them.

After receiving several blows for using templates and stealing material, the freelance author continued to write for the company, giving his real name. Perhaps the most interesting thing I found about this company was that Ultius did take action against authors who were caught plagiarising, but did not return any of them.

The choice of a scribe that did not sound fake, such as the name of the real author, was enough to return it to Ultius.

The total cost of studying poetry is 7.3 per cent and if you take the time to read the fine print on the website before wasting your money, you will find that the work is plagiarism. This means that Ultius is mainly staffed by students, but it is not difficult to find companies that have caught my attention and expressed my concerns.

Ultius, inc. Offers many customer service channels, but if the problem of plagiarism is pressing, dispense with the email and use the phone number displayed on Ultius' Facebook page instead. It is also possible to lodge a complaint at the following physical address: 1 - 888 - 743 - 5555. If you are annoyed with the company's shoddy service, you must get to the point where you have reached the company's location.

After speaking to the customer service representative for a while, I asked for a refund and was informed that I would only be reimbursed part of the cost. The payment was made 14 days after the original payment date, so I started the money back process.

In summary, the quality of the company's customer service was fine, but the refund process was painfully slow. Yet Ultius is a legitimate business, and supporting academic fraud is not an ethical or legal business model.

The real problem with this company is not that it is not trustworthy, it is simple: the written material is new. The assurance of confidentiality on the Internet, which encourages customer feedback, suggests that this is legal. In doing so, the company has created an appearance of legality that allows them to operate in the Western market, but the real question is how reliable they will be.

Even if the free revision directive is not a scam, the Ultius authors should be willing to amend their essays, and even if that is the case, it should not be illegal, but that is not the case at the moment. Repayment requests are also rarely granted and the company is worryingly lacking in redeeming features.

I paid $153 for a simple book review, but I forgot three pages of plagiarised rubbish and my request for a refund was only satisfied after two weeks.

If you decide that fraud is the only way out, you can use Ultius' writing service for free. The once-great company has become a stationery business and I am sure there will be many more in the future, but now I will use it.

My Rating

Overpriced and definitely not worth it. I do not recommend Ultius.

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