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Disclaimer: This post is written by Barbara, the student from Florida State University and our regular customer. We’ve asked her to make the order from RushEssay and tell us if she liked it.

No matter how short your experience in the essay industry may be, you cannot be proud. Ergo, RushEssay would never be on your CV for reference, and you would be bombarded with hisses and prickly glances.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want absolution, but I'm not a religious person either, and besides, I don't believe that the sins I witness and encourage are inherent in our mortal nature.

Here is a summary of my short experience as a RushEssay author and why I wrote the Rush Essay. My goal was to shed some light on the company's business practices and let you decide whether it's worth it. I tried to keep my emotions in check, even though RushEssay displayed the unmistakable qualities of a terrible employer.

The price of the RushEssay was troubling to say the least, and the company owner seemed to be living on a monthly salary of $1,000 and a few hundred dollars in benefits.

I complained that the windfall would go to the company and the author, but that was not the case. Specifically, they charged me $49 per page, which I wrote at breakneck speed, and $19 per page, to write at a sluggish writing pace - like Xanax. I only got eight pages in a time frame that was both unfair and predatory.

This morning I logged into my work account and tried to submit as many papers as possible, but to no avail, I was told.

Of course, there is no lack of quality, but unfortunately that is not the case, which makes me unappreciated. The rush of essays has slowed, and I am focusing on deepening my research and paying myself more fairly.

The thing is, RushEssay is mainly aimed at single customers who are not aware of their quality problems. RushEssay's statements paint a rosy picture, but there is also a troubling side to the company and it has long been an open secret among experienced students. I quickly regretted my shopping shortsightedness and preferred to stay away from the company.

Basically, there are two opposing views of the company, and one is created by well-curated syrupy testimonials. The disgruntled customer casts his vote with hastily baked paper, which he pays through the nose. I think I trust him, but I'm still not sure he's the right person for the job.

RushEssay is basically a digital version of Amazon stock, and while it is not a scam, it is an author's service that does not earn enough and is consumed by customers who do not know enough.

Much ink has been spilled over dummies - up to essays the giant has written, so why not read the horror stories about them? The answer is simple: the company is not big enough for the media to care about, and it's not worth it. Rushdie, however, is not like his many peers: he shares the same concerns as the rest of us.

The agency lies to its customers regularly, makes promises that cannot be kept, and lies and deceives its customers. Rushdie is not the company you want to work with, but maybe that's why you're not. I repeat: Rush Essay is not a scam, it is a popular writing company that has really helped me. Others warn against seeing his true face through this company; I'm not one of them.

They need to make a concerted effort to stand out, including pay rises and better training, but I have not seen any evidence of that yet.

My Rating

RushEssay is not a scam, but the quality of their work is far from perfect.

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