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Disclaimer: This post is written by Rahim, the student from Florida International University and our regular customer. We’ve asked him to make the order from ProPapers and tell us if he liked it.

At first glance, the service looks pretty cool, and as soon as you land on the site, the live chat becomes active.

The question is if is legitimate, and does it cost you money for effective typing help, or is it just a scam?

The list of services is very varied and you can see what the team offers by visiting the section on services. You will receive various functions and services, including offers, prices, quality support, etc.

The "Academic help" section interests me most And there you will find help in the preparation and preparation of annual reports, etc.

You can also get services for writing annual reports, such as Business Writing Services and Business Management Services. Before I get into this, I can explain why business writing services fall into the same category as essays and entries. Pro - offers a great help in the mediation of business management, business planning and business development.

Other Writing Services, you will find a wide range of writing services, from writing from scratch to business management, business planning and business development. All these services seem quite affordable, especially for a business writing service like Pro -

Prices range from $43 for a minimum stay of six hours, but at elementary school level, the starting bid is $10 for longer periods. Available times range from 14 days to 6 hours, and the price ranges from $43 to $6 per hour for minimum stays. However, you must be careful when comparing these offers with services that meet deadlines of 10 days and 3 hours.

If you want to get an essay of pro-papers, you have to pay $32 for 130 pages, and that is very, very expensive. If you are irritated by this, it is not because of the lack of quality, but because of the high price.

This is based on the value of your order and the number of orders you have placed on your website. For a discount, you will receive a pop-up voucher for pro papers when you first visit the website. You will find this offer for the second time because it does not take into account the price of the paper, but the time you have forgotten on site, so it is not worth it.

Here is the real problem with Pro-Papers: I ordered an essay in the history niche, and I expected the author to handle it quite simply.

But that was not the case: at first I was unable to contact the writer, and when the work arrived it was full of grammatical errors.

Customer service refused to respond to my request for an overhaul and the writer did not follow my instructions. The customer and service staff were friendly after I placed my order, but once I paid my money they were nowhere to be found.

I tried to explain my complaint to the newspaper via live chat but was unlucky and disappointed. Most customers are disappointed because there is no service that goes beyond the pretty face and professionalism on the surface. It is no wonder that you do not learn much about Pro - Papers customer service and quality control on the Internet.

My Rating

Looks nice at first, but quite dissapointing at the end.

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