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Disclaimer: Hello, my name is Stephanie. I study forensic psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology. I usually get whatever help I need from Florida Essays, but this time, I was tasked with testing a different service. Being an adventurous spirit, I jumped at the opportunity, and now I’m glad to share with you my impressions on the order of a 5-page book review for Jane Austen’s Persuasion. is a hub for professional essay writers who take orders according to their areas of expertise. It’s a cool service with an intuitive menu and moderate prices, and it makes you like it from the first moment with its clean and friendly design, easy navigation, and functionality. I think I’ve found my new favorite, second only to Florida Essays. In my review, I tried to maintain a balanced look and list drawbacks along with positives, but honestly, I had to nitpick to actually find something to complain about, but everything in its due time.

Evolutionwriters.Com Paper Writing Service Overview

The “Evolution” in the title only means that the website places itself at the apex of the online writing services pyramid – it does not limit the topics they cover to evolutionary biology or the history of writing as a human activity, as one could erroneously deduce from the name. They quickly dispel any confusion by greeting visitors with the tagline “Witness the Evolution of Online Writing Services.” A bit pretentious, but okay. I guess most of these services are run by academics, so they are bound to be a bit cringe trying to look cool.

Maybe not the gods of marketing, the website owners surely know a thing or two about what their customers want – and if most of them are anything like me, they want a quick and easy check-out, safety, and a decent paper at the end. Here, EvolutionWriters didn’t fail to deliver.

The ordering process was easy and even fun since I could play around with various parameters of my order to see how each of them reflects on the price. Unsurprisingly, the academic level and the number of pages are significant. However, the most heavy load is time constraints: the bulk of the markup is due to urgency. If you can allow a generous deadline, you will end up with moderate check. If, however, you are pressed for time, you should prepare yourself to part with a hefty sum. You shouldn’t expect to make someone else pull an all-nighter instead of you on the cheap, that’s just fair.

Anyway, I settled on the default deadline of two weeks for the test, so the price was optimal. Five pages on the undergrad level normally cost $55 – which can be reduced, but more on that later.

I didn’t have to hurry because I ordered a paper I’d been writing myself. You see, I wanted to compare the two and make sure I am well-equipped to judge how well the EvolutionWriters’ sample deals with the topic. So, the prompt was real, but I didn’t submit the resulting paper anywhere.

My overall impression was very positive. My helper and I clearly preferred the same academic sources on the topic and leaned the same way in our opinions. That’s because I specified this line of thinking in the details, no surprise there. However, the professional sample was heavier on analysis and original thinking and lighter on authoritative quotations, which looks much better and reads as an expert’s take. I (almost begrudgingly) must admit that the book review from EvolutionWriters was miles ahead of my humble take on the classic novel.

How to Place Evolutionwriters.Com Order and Save

Now I am obliged to give details on the ordering process, but honestly, I don’t even know what to say, because it’s so simple. You choose the options that suit you and tap-tap-tap away until you are ready to pay. Instead, I will share the tips with you:

This is a place where you can add any notes and specifics. For example, I’ve attached the file with the prompt I got from my prof, but in the field, I also specified what optics to use in the book review and how to assess it in general terms. This way, the paper’s take on the book wouldn’t contradict my impressions.

The website offers an EvolutionWriters discount code to all first-time buyers. I spotted a promo code “GRAB15” at the top of the page that instantly slashed 5% off my current order and reserved a bonus for the next order. I guess I will return just to cash in on it – if the quality of the paper will be as good as the first one, I don’t mind coming back at all!

You have an order summary on the right with all the details, and the information there is updated each time you change anything in your order – add a service, change the deadline, or set a preference. Make sure to run your eyes over it before committing to purchase if something slipped your mind. I almost ordered without a citation preference set – that would be a pain to fix should I want to submit the sample.

Pros and Cons of Evolutionwriters.Com Essay Service

Let’s sum up my experience with a quick round of pros and cons. Spoiler: pros are overwhelmingly more numerous:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the order form. It’s just so responsive, clean, and straightforward that my OCD loved every second.

As I was new to the service, I went with the default option, but you can, in fact, request a specific writer. You can also select a category, but my “basic” was perfect for the job, so I guess it’s more relevant for complicated professional projects.

Not that I needed to add anything to my order, but to test the system, I wrote to customer support and asked if I could reach my writer directly. It turned out there was a direct chat that was always available, I just didn’t see it at once.

Of course, I understand that I could have been lucky, and my expert is a head above all the others, but from the paper I’ve received, there are some solid professionals working for EvolutionWriters.

Everything – from citation style to some specific requirements I gave in notes and direct communication with my writer – was done 100% accurately.

This is relative, of course, but I can compare with other services, and EvolutionWriters is definitely in a more affordable range, especially if you consider the quality they deliver.

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find something to complain about, so here you go:

The 3D “floating heads” models give off some serious Zuckerberg vibes. Like, it’s what Millennials think is futuristic and fun, but really, it’s kind of dated and a bit creepy.

Sadly, this is a universal law for all writing services. Still, I hoped for once to see a less steep increase – that would make EvolutionWriters absolutely perfect.


I don’t pretend that I know everything about the service, but with some experience and after quizzing the support agents, I can tell you this.

Where do I get coupon codes?

The first-time-buyer coupon can be found on the banner at the top of the page. If that fails, try moving your cursor to the “X” as if you intend to leave, and I bet they will give you a discount to make you change your mind. You are welcome.

Is legit?

As far as I can tell, it’s a perfectly honest business that delivers on its promises. The paper was better than I could master, and it’s telling something. (Yes, I am Ms. Braggy McBraggins, get over it!)

Do they use AI?

Nope, I checked with 10 different AI detectors (there are plenty of free options), and they consistently showed human writing. It also passed my judgment – I can tell because I start yawning on the second paragraph every time I read AI-generated texts. Super accurate, btw.

Is it plag-free?

As far as free detectors online go – yes, 100% original with the obvious exception of direct quotations from experts and excerpts from the book itself, all kept to a minimum.

Can I pay after the paper is ready?

Unfortunately, no. Only prepayment, as it is with all the services I have ever encountered. However, there is a money-back guarantee – that should help you sleep at night.

What are writer categories?

As I understand, writer categories are based on user ratings – the more stars collected, the higher the category. However, basic writers aren’t necessarily poorly rated – they can be new to the service with no ratings at all. Mine was basic – yet her writing was anything but.

The main thing is that the paper was great, and now I’m kind of kicking myself for not ordering sooner – it would have improved my own writing considerably!


My Rating

Recommend. Solid service with great experts and affordable prices. A somewhat dated design is compensated with a clean and intuitive order form. Anyway, design is subjective. Floating heads will haunt my nightmares, but they are sure memorable, so I guess mission accomplished? lol.

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