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Disclaimer: This post is written by Kevin, the student from Florida and our regular customer. We’ve asked him to make the order from EssayShark and tell us if he liked it.

I am not a psychologist, and certainly not the clairvoyant type, but I know full well that you are desperate for help. So what makes you so confident and what do you know will help you?

If you use one of these online writing companies, you will learn that many of the quick fixes are ineffective at best, harmful at worst. Academic help is often desperately needed, and is a case in point.

A few days ago I came across an EssayShark Review on Reddit, and many users were excited about the company, so I decided to look at an example from their essay and order one.

I will go into it in detail in the EssayShark Review, but things are getting pretty detailed and nerdy, so I'll answer some of the questions that will certainly weigh on your mind. How does it work, and what do I mean by "shark" in terms of how it works and the product itself?

How much does the EssayShark cost, and is the company aware of this fact, why it does not have a price page on its website?

No doubt many people think that price is something they hide from their customers, which says a lot about their business. Essayshark could be a more honest provider of writing services by listing the average price of each essay on its website. I recognise that the company acts as a bidding platform linking customers with authors, but you can set up an account to find out how much you will have to pay for a newspaper.

You should pay first before you even think about the price and you can cancel your paper order if you find that your bid is too high.

If you decide to apply for a refund and get your money back, this is not a good idea, as you could get a nasty surprise. PayPal payments should be taken seriously when it comes to essay shark, even if you don't get the money. Once the final payment to the author has been released, you should consider it complete, as you will receive a refund of all your money.

More than 70% of the authors applied for this task and now want to discuss the offer with all of you.

Of course the price is monstrously exorbitant (the offer ranges from 120 to 160 dollars), but unfortunately I was in a hurry and did not want to get a fair offer at a reasonable price.

After some Googling I found the essay Shark Coupon and used the discount code in the appropriate field, which is located at the checkout. So I spent $30 on a page of writing, and I'm glad I did because it's worth every penny.

However, there is no guarantee that EssayShark will give you the best grade in the work, and unfortunately I realized this later. However, you can review each section of the article for free when you purchase your research paper from You will be given the power to provide a detailed description of the order for your paper and a link to the purchase page of the paper.

Anyone who believes that supposedly wonderful writers know which pronouns they use and which pronouns they use to back up argumentative claims with sound evidence is quite wrong.

After paying $120 for the essay, I returned to EssayShark with changes and the professor sent me the work back. He also noticed that it could be saved for editing and recommended me to read Strunk & White's Elements of Style. I explained that my essay was finally readable, but I still had to read many sentences to understand its meaning.

On the one hand, I have botched a task that is reprehensible, if not illegal, but I am not sure that EssayShark is a legitimate enterprise. On the other hand, they changed my essay to prove that at least some of the engagement was genuine. In doing so, the company broke the promise of good work, even though it kept the promises of a free overhaul.

I'm not sure how serious EssayShark is about delivering on its promise of a confidential service. I only shared my personal information with the company when I was absolutely sure it was secure.

This may sound absurd, but remember that many Reddit users share this opinion, and I am sure many of you do.

If EssayShark delivers a sloppy essay, it is not a scam, and if they deliver it, they are not a scam. On the one hand, it is a plagiarism of your work, on the other hand, they deliver it on time.

Therefore, we cannot say that EssayShark is trying to defraud its customers, and the question of legal fraud should be put aside. Instead, the questions to consider are: "Can I trust this company?

The answer is a resounding Yes, but the willingness to offer a free audit does not prevent customers from receiving poorly written papers.

The registration process for is simple and the registration page states that students should place an order to open an account. The email you provide can be used later to log into your personal area, but the report does not take too long to compile, which is important if you want to get help from a professional author.

This means that I have no idea how to delete my Essayshark account, but if I don't want to use the service anymore, I have to get rid of it.

However, it seems that the company is not willing to let me go because there is no delete button, so I got stuck with Essayshark.

I didn't know better, I used EssayShark and they sold me papers of average quality, but I didn't have to deal with a superior writing company. I have decided to cut my ties with the agency because of my many years of experience and I like to use them.

I also don't like that even after I delete my account, remnants of my Essay Shark story could remain.

My Rating

I like to use secure writing solutions and therefore rate this company with 3.98 out of 5.0.

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