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Disclaimer: This post is written by Jennifer, the student from Florida State College and our regular customer. We’ve asked her to make the order from Bid4papers and tell us if she liked it.

I was initially amazed at the concept, but horrified when I realized that most of them are pure evil. Let us say this: tenders for writing services, and I was initially amazed by this concept. is a bidding service, and that's how it works: You hire your own author and interview several authors until you find the right one. We approach the topic from the perspective of the client and hire our own authors, but that's all.

In theory, the concept sounds perfect, but the problem is that most bidding services operate on a professional platform and most do not.

Those who are not familiar with Bid4Papers may have been wrong in the past, especially as regards the bidding process itself.

I admit that I checked Bid4Papers before ordering an order there, but I did my best to stay sober and try the service anyway. I have had the opportunity to examine it in detail and I have not hired any experts, so I must admit that I checked it before I placed the order from there.

If you have ever used or seen a freelance platform, you will find that Bid4Papers works according to the same principles. There are no fixed prices, no fees, no restrictions on page number or page size, etc.

The goal is to enable authors and other freelancers to earn what they think their work is worth. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if this is true, but I have the feeling that the authors of Bid4Paper have overestimated themselves. A simple two-page essay was requested ten days before the deadline, and I asked for $10,000.

One of the deals asked for $65, and the lowest bidder has information about the deal in his profile here. If that is legitimate, I say yes, but compared to the goods and services I have tested, it is a high price.

If you hire the wrong author, you will not be able to do much with it, and if the author delivers the work on time, who is to blame? hands over responsibility to the customer, but if they hire the wrong authors, they won't do much about it.

This is flawed to say the least, and my experience with Bid4Papers confirms this for others, but I am still very impressed by the quality of their work.

They are responsive and leave things alone with the authors, but I doubt that the authors who work for Bid4Papers will have the same level of patience. When you are dealing with bidders or freelancers who offer their services, you have to deal with them, not the other way round.

Commandment 4 is not limited in this respect, you can set a deadline on the order form and the author is still in the race. To test the service, I ordered a 20-page research paper, set a six-hour deadline and ordered it.

Of course, I did not hire a writer for this assignment, so I interviewed the writer for two days and then set him a deadline of six hours for his work. The author had eight days to write the work, and I was amazed how he could complete it in such a short time.

I spent a lot of time with different bidders, but there were no service errors. Those who rushed ended up with the wrong author, and that too is a service error.

I was asked to write a college-level essay that would discuss the issue of global warming from a current perspective. The author has since rewritten his essay with a new perspective on the current state of climate change in the USA.

He did not give specifics, but said he would revise the content if he did not like it, and does not guarantee the revision.

At least that was the promise I received when I interviewed this particular writer, but at first glance it was a direct lie. So I wrote a vague piece of work, asked for a revision, and he said his instructions were vague, so I didn't submit them.

In the tutorial, the author is asked to connect a theme with a fire that will devastate the planet in 2019. None of this is mentioned in the text, but it is the subject of the book, and I am curious about it.

My Rating

It's a strong no from me. Not going to order there again.

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