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Disclaimer: This post is written by Dylon, the student from Florida and our regular customer. We’ve asked him to make the order from and tell us if he liked it. is an essay service that was created with the aim of helping students, but the service does not have a good reputation. The site was used for the infamous essay services such as grabmyessay, which makes me think that this service is not the best choice.

On the contrary, students forget that poor quality work is often not delivered on time, and students are often disappointed. Do not waste your money and time and be fooled by the description page that promises you the best free essay writing service on the Internet.

Although we have been in business for many years, we continue to receive mixed feedback from our customers because the quality of our services is inconsistent and we are inconsistent. To avoid wasting your time and money, take a closer look at the reviews on and other websites that are managed by the company. Some companies, like the ones mentioned above, have a really interesting marketing strategy. They create fake rating pages that give a false picture of their writing service and make them available free of charge on their website.

Should you entrust your money to companies like and other companies with fake reviews and fake reviews on their website?

It can deliver newspapers within 3 hours, and also express mail with 3 hours notice, but pricing is based on the number of pages, not the quality of the content or the time between pages.

If you think the price is too high for the average student, Academizedooffers many discounts that will save you a few dollars less on your order. The sooner you need the task, the higher the price you will have to pay. So be careful, and if you pay a high price, it will be worth it.

If you are the first customer, they offer an additional discount of 15%, but if you forget to order 15 or more pages first, you will have to pay.

Given the many controversial reviews I have found in the course of my research on, it is hard not to delve deeply into the quality of the work.

First of all, the price you pay does not reflect the quality of the paper, but it is worth noting that the author was chosen by you. You select the one that meets the requirements for the Author section by entering your ID on the order form.

Although the writing is wide, I hate being anonymous, with no name or profile picture. The lack of personal touch makes it easy to forge writer profiles, and since the range of fonts was wide, I hated being an anonymous person without names and profile pictures.

Unfortunately, at, quantity takes precedence over quantity, and there are many poorly formatted works with grammatical errors and sentences that make no sense. Worse, some customers have discovered a high level of plagiarism, but I am more concerned about the lack of personal touch.

At first glance, it seems like money from - the return guarantee is set in stone to prove that it is a legitimate service, but after reading the whole thing, my doubts get even greater. The huge red rags on the front page of the website and the lack of any sort of customer service are a huge red herring.

Academics say the policy is a sensitive issue - anyone who makes an appeal within a three-hour period can expect compensation, even if it is likely to be rejected. Academics said this was because the quality of the paper could be compromised in such a short time frame. If you claim that the work you have received is of poor quality, you will not receive more than 70% of your payment until it is submitted for review - an appeal means that you have partially approved your work.

Perhaps one of's biggest mistakes is unfair and hardly a legal marketing strategy. We all need reliable essay writers and services, but the question is whether our customers do not have the right to pay such a blackmailing price for the quality of their work. Why set such tight deadlines when the author cannot guarantee even the highest quality standards?

By publishing fraudulent online reviews and creating fake review pages, the company has created a bespoke writing service. is a place where you select authors who work on your students "essay work. Fake reviews do not reflect the real experience of the REAL customers they deceived.

The wrong page is cut to the wrong pages, and not the real experience of the actual customer, but a fake review page.

Can we also trust a company that lies and exploits its own people, and even companies that lies and exploits its own people? This question irritates intellectuals, but academic claims are legitimate.

That's a huge deal, but many other reviews on tend to overlook this detail: Academics "compensation policies are nothing more than a sham. If you get your hands on the money and you have it, you are unlucky if you do not have a money-back guarantee.

After all, it's hard-earned money, and the starting price is only in the budget of some students, so it's not worth it.

Get your newspaper in 6 hours or less and save up to 15% on your order, with a minimum order size of $5 and a maximum order quantity of 30 pages.

The limited information about the author makes me doubt his claim to have an ENL author, but this essay is a good example of the phenomenon of "fake positive reviews" in action. They have managed to know the company well enough to spread fake positive reviews on their own website and other social media sites.

All in all, there are many alternatives that are actually better than, but you have to give them credit for the quality of their writing and the fact that they use their own website.

All I can say is that you are not fooled, and I think this assessment should be taken as a warning to do more thorough research when choosing an essay service that you spend your time and money on. Avoid hiring them at all costs, especially if you are in the market for a professional essay service.


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Looks quite unsafe, I wouldn't order there anymore.

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