Florida Tech University Admission Requirements and Tips

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Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is a top-ranked private institution of higher learning located in Melbourne. Students from all over the globe apply to the university each year because they appreciate the FIT’s vibrant diversity, vast athletic training grounds, numerous research centers, and student organizations. The university hopefuls beef up their volunteering portfolios and prepare for entrance interviews in order to increase their chances of being admitted to the prestigious institution. If you also want to become a FIT student, read the following application requirements and application essay tips.

Florida Institute of Technology Admission

FIT Admissions Officers insist that out-of-pocket costs of students are considerably lower than the university’s official tuition. It has to do with the fact that the institution issues generous need-based grants and scholarships. Consequently, students’ costs can be offset by as much as 50 percent. Those who have put FIT at the top of their college selection process, are welcome to apply to majors of their choice. To this end, freshman applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • General Requirements

    Register for the Common Application by using your real email address. Provide your transcripts from an accredited high school, standardized SAT or ACT results, essay, and a letter of recommendation.

  • G.E.D. Students

    In addition to completing the Common Application and submitting G.E.D. scores, the applicants should present secondary school records.

  • Homeschool Students

    Homeschool applicants to FIT are expected to submit the following documents:

    1. Transcript of academic work including levels attained in Mathematics and Sciences. Make sure to include the textbooks that were used for your homeschooling.
    2. A self-descriptive essay addressing academic and career goals as well as community and athletic accomplishments.
    3. Standardized test results.
    4. Two letters of recommendation.

Florida Tech Acceptance Rate

Although undeniably elite, FIT is not an exceptionally selective institution. In 2017, its acceptance rate was 63 percent. The average freshmen retention rate is also impressively high – 80 percent. Another important indicator of student satisfaction that might be of interest for university hopefuls is 4-year graduation rate. The institution also scores highly on this important measure – 43%. You can request additional information by either sending your questions to admission counselor’s email address at admission@fit.edu or using a toll-free phone number – 800-888-4348.

How to Improve Your Chances of Admission

To raise your chances of admission, you need to understand what the Office of Undergraduate Admission is looking for in applicants. Luckily, the admission officers are pretty straightforward about their preferences. Above all else, they assess the academic preparation of applicants. It is due to the fact that the rigorous curriculum of the institution makes for the stormiest years in a student’s life. Only the most persistent, passionate, and hard-working students can graduate.

Although FIT does not explicitly state minimum grade point average requirements for its applicants, they are evaluated closely. Therefore, make sure to complete a strong high school curriculum and demonstrate a high level of achievement in all relevant subjects. To indicate to the Office of Undergraduate Admission that you belong to the institution, provide them with proof of your participation in research projects and academic competitions.

FIT Admissions Essay

For the 2018-2019 admission season, the Office of Undergraduate Admission put forward seven essay prompts. To ensure that your application documents are not overlooked by the admission officers, search the Web for college essay examples. Feel free to draw inspiration from the examples; however, resist the urge to copy phrases or sentences from online essays. If admission officers suspect you in plagiarizing your essay, it will be immediately discarded. Here is how to write an original Florida Institute of Technology essay:

  • Select an essay topic that will highlight your personality. Rather than describing the great aspects of the tech institution, focus on your character.
  • Keep your focus narrow and don’t cover too many topics at once. Remember: an application essay is not a resume.
  • Use your own voice instead of writing in academic or business lingo. Also, avoid trite phrases and general statements.
  • Ask a professional to edit and proofread your essay. Don’t submit the application essay without making sure it is flawless. Spell-check program won’t do – you need a trained specialist to catch all mistakes.

It is blindingly obvious that many applicants use professional essay writing assistance. Do not be the one who eschews help and fails.

FIT Application Deadline

There are several application deadlines that must be met according to the FIT rolling admission policy. Everyone willing to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should meet the October 1st deadline. Other students must submit their documents before National Decision Day – May 1st. You can check your application status at Florida Tech application portal.