FIU Admissions Requirements, Fundamentals and Tips

essay for florida internetional university

Being the second-largest higher education institution in the state, Florida International University attracts plenty of applicants. Each year, thousands of university hopefuls are reviewed by the Admissions Office who select individuals able to benefit the most from the available online and on-campus programs. If you also want to apply to the university with the high status, read this article to discover key information about the upcoming application season. Here, we will discuss application requirements, deadlines, fees, and acceptance rates among others.

Does FIU Require an Essay?

If you are ready to take the first step on your educational journey, we have great news for you: FIU applicants are not required to submit an admission essay. What does it mean for you as a university hopeful? It means that your chances of being admitted to the institution rest entirely on your SAT or ACT scores, volunteering, awards, and work experience. Furthermore, you won’t have to endure the dreadful admission essay writing process, which is, arguably, the hardest part of the application experience. On average, 50 percent of all applicants are admitted to the institution. Keep reading to find out how to increase your chances of being admitted to FIU.

FIU Essay Prompt

Even though there is no FIU application essay among admissions requirements, you will have to showcase your writing prowess. “How can it be?” you wonder. Well, you will still have to craft an essay for the writing section of the SAT. Prompts for SAT essay differ each year. Nonetheless, they follow the same basic format. The College Board regularly issues sample prompts to help high school students prepare for the test. A sure way to improve your SAT score is to practice the test’s writing section. Select one of the two samples prompts below and try producing a great essay:

  • Write an essay in which you explain how the US President Abraham Lincoln builds an argument to convey the spirit of the American national purpose to his audience.
  • Write an essay in which you explain how a political theorist Murray Rothbard builds an argument to convince his audience that all services provided by the government can be delivered more efficiently by the private sector.

When writing the essay, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Write a clear thesis

By creating a clear and concise central claim, you make it easier for the reader to identify the direction of your essay and understand the methods you employ to convene the claim.

  • Write an introduction and a conclusion

Your essay should have both an introduction and a conclusion; otherwise, points will be deducted. The inclusion of opening and closing paragraphs is a mark of writing prowess, which is why this important stage of writing shouldn’t be neglected.

  • Use formal language

According to the essay rubric, a highly-scoring essay is characterized by “a highly effective use and command of language.” For this reason, when in doubt, opt for formal language.

  • Rely on the information from a prompt and a passage

All the information you need will be provided in a prompt and a passage. Avoid using outside knowledge you might have to support your thesis.

Florida International University Application Deadline and Requirements

First things first, be prepared to pay a $30 fee when submitting your application documents. Given the high status of FIU, it is a negligible sum.

FIU offers a rolling admission, which means that you can provide the documents during the fall, and spring terms. Consider the following application deadlines:

  • Spring 2019 – November 15
  • Early fall 2019 – March 19
  • Fall 2019 – April 15
  • Spring 2020 – December 2

Freshmen applicants are expected to satisfy several application requirements:

1.     Submit the SAT or ACT scores

Make sure to submit the scores before the deadline.

2.     Apply for financial aid

If there’s a need, you can file for FAFSA.

3.     Fill out an online application

The application process takes approximately 30 minutes.

4.     Submit high school or university transcripts

Submit official transcripts or documents from non-traditional high school education.

5.     Submit exam scores

If you have AP, CLEP or other scores not reflected in your transcripts, submit them separately.

6.     Send documents confirming your residency status

Those applying to university are required to provide the proof of their Florida residency.

You can check your application status by using a Panther ID you’ll be provided during the application process. Use the ID to access your account here.

Florida International University Majors

To make the choice of your future academic direction easier for you, we’ve compiled the list of the most popular FIU majors for 2017 graduates:

  • Business, Management, and Marketing – 29%
  • Psychology – 12%
  • Communication and Journalism – 7%
  • Health Professions – 7%
  • Social Sciences – 7%

The average freshmen retention rate is 87%, which is a reliable indicator of student satisfaction with the institution. It means that ones you get in FIU, the chances are that you’ll stay there. However, you have to work hard to get admitted to the university. Specifically, your focus should be on the SAT essay. We can help you prepare for this part of the test by providing you with model essays written by a professional paper writer. They know a great deal about the exam and what it takes to earn a great score.