Why You Should Choose a Writing Service That Doesn't Use AI


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With the rise of generative AI in content tools, a quiet revolution is underway. Free and paid AI-driven platforms have dazzled the public with their ability to generate human-like text, blurring the lines between human and machine authorship in various spheres, from marketing to journalism. And, of course, academic writing. As even many specialized academic assistance services started using AI in their work, students who now and then addressed their help to cope with studying found themselves between the cracks of enormous workload and easily detected content produced by AI tools and college assistance services that used them.

Let’s break down how AI changed the realm of academic writing help, complicating the lives of thousands of students, and how you can still get reliable practical assistance to deal with whatever challenges your educational institution may throw at you.

The Rise of Generative AI in Writing Services

Over the last 15 years, the academic assistance market has been dominated by custom writing services. However, the arrival of AI-based large language models – with GPT-3/3,5/4 being their most famous embodiments – has changed the momentum. These models, powered by deep learning and vast datasets, can mimic human writing with astonishing accuracy. They can churn out essays, articles, and even poetry that, at first glance, are nearly indistinguishable from those crafted by human hands. Students have immediately started using content-generating tools to create papers and pass them as their own. As a result, AI-generated essays and other academic papers swept schools and universities.

At the same time, the allure of AI-generated content hasn't gone unnoticed by the freelance and custom writing industry, which experienced considerable customer churn. These platforms, always on the lookout for ways to streamline operations and reduce costs, found AI to be a tempting solution. AI could generate content at breakneck speeds while companies could cut down expenses on writers’ salaries. Who wouldn't like quicker turnaround times and lower costs for customers, right?

However, the rise of AI-powered writing services has opened the door to less-than-scrupulous providers. Some exploit AI to attract unsuspecting customers, promising high-quality, customized content when, in reality, they deliver mass-produced, machine-generated work. Not only do such services jeopardize your academic success, but they also tarnish the reputation of the entire industry.

Thus, this unrighteous practice raises crucial questions. What are the implications of relying on AI for content creation? Can it truly replicate the nuances of human paper writer experience and creativity? How easily can AI-generated content be detected? Are custom writing services prioritizing human-written content the safer and more beneficial choice?

Why AI-Generated Content Doesn’t Really Work

The AI boom was a glorious time for many students, but the feast didn’t last for too long. It soon became evident that educators can fairly easily detect content put together by an algorithm – be it an essay generated by a student single-handedly or by a freelance writer.

Consider this: you hire a custom writing service to help you with an important research paper, hoping for a unique perspective and insightful analysis. Instead, you receive a document generated by an AI model that doesn’t showcase a true understanding of your topic, relying on data patterns rather than knowledge. Such a piece not only diminishes the educational value of the work but may also jeopardize your academic standing, as it can be red-flagged by a teacher as violating the principles of academic integrity.

The thing is, professional educators who handle written assignments can easily see telltale signs in the writing that can raise suspicions. They look for a lack of depth or critical thinking, overly complex sentences, or a sterile writing tone lacking the warmth and individuality typically found in human-authored content. For that, experienced teachers don’t even need specialized software, instances of which are, in fact, quite numerous nowadays.

You can find dozens of free and paid online tools specifically designed to detect AI-generated content. They analyze text for patterns and inconsistencies that may indicate machine writing. Although such detectors are not foolproof in identifying AI involvement, they can draw undesired attention to your piece and get it reviewed by a teacher more closely.

Finally, using AI tools may result in unintentional plagiarism, as some of them do more summarizing and less paraphrasing.

As a result, one can confidently claim that AI-generated content doesn’t really cut the deal when it comes to developing worthy academic content. When students turn to writing services for help, they implicitly expect one thing: to make their lives easier due to getting an authentic piece of academic writing based on human expertise and original thought. Do they reach this goal with AI-generated content fed to them by some phony providers? Most definitely not. Is there a viable solution to the issue when, for some reason, you cannot craft a paper single-handedly and don’t want to risk your academic integrity by using AI-powered content generation tools? Yes – choose a long-established and trustworthy writing service with a spotless reputation that prioritizes human-authored content. One of just a few services that meet these stringent criteria is PaperHelp.org. Let’s take a closer look at this safe and reliable academic assistance company that backs students in an era where AI is reshaping the writing landscape.

Made by Humans: Get Expert-Crafted Content Only at PaperHelp

We already have a brief PaperHelp review on our website, authored by one of our customers. Yet, there are several essential things to add in the context of the turmoil caused by AI.

The PaperHelp custom writing service is built upon a foundation of human expertise, dedication to quality, and a commitment to delivering authentic, human-crafted content to its customers. The company’s experts can use AI-powered tools for research, grammar and fact-checking, as well as text readability evaluation – but by no means for writing! Should this regulation be infringed, the erring writer is immediately cut from staff while the order is assigned to another expert.

Moreover, the company has installed rigorous quality assurance policies to ensure that every delivered piece of writing is developed from scratch and doesn’t contain the slightest instance of AI-generated content. To this end, each paper produced undergoes a meticulous audit by the QA department team. In addition to an anti-plagiarism check, they also run content through several advanced AI detectors. The thing is that different utilities use different detection algorithms, so checking the text via various tools guarantees its authenticity and genuineness. For PaperHelp, as a service with a 15-year history of successful and reliable operation, there’s no reason to risk its hard-earned reputation in the face of temporary turbulence caused by AI.

Remarkably, the latest customer reviews prove that the system is working. PaperHelp clients get high-quality papers crafted by human experts, make grades with them, achieve their academic goals faster, and celebrate studying and lives made much easier. Hence, in a world where AI is increasingly infiltrating the realm of content creation, PaperHelp remains steadfast in its dedication to providing students with the authenticity, quality, and academic integrity they deserve. Choosing PaperHelp ensures you will receive the human touch and expertise required in top-notch academic writing.

Need Academic Help? Get It from Human Experts!

In a world brimming with AI-generated content, the choices you make can shape your academic journey. The risks associated with the texts created by AI-powered language models and unreliable writing services are real, ranging from compromised academic integrity to the erosion of authentic learning experiences.

In a time when the lines between human and machine-generated content are blurring, it's paramount to choose services that champion authenticity. Trustworthy custom writing services like PaperHelp stand as beacons of authenticity and human craftsmanship in an increasingly automated domain. By prioritizing human-written content and upholding the principles of academic integrity, PaperHelp.org ensures that your educational pursuits remain true and meaningful; that your academic goals are achieved with the minimum effort; and that your life in general and studying in particular get easier and more enjoyable.

If you don’t know how to approach the essay writing process, let our talented writers help you.