Take your ID and credit card

ID is any document proving your identity (e.g., a passport, driver’s license, student identity card or library card).


Hide all irrelevant information

Provide us only with information that is relevant to us. We only need to see your full name on the ID. As for the credit card, it should show the last four digits of the card, its type, issuer (bank), and cardholder's name.


Take photos of the documents

Take photos of the documents with your phone or camera, or scan them.


Send us the pictures

Send the taken pictures to our email


You’ve passed the authorization of your payment.

Payment authorization is a practice commonly used by:

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Account and payment authorization is needed to identify a customer as a rightful account owner. Therefore, all information submitted by you to our website should be verified. The authorization procedure is an essential step necessary to ensure the security of electronic transactions. We make everything possible to mitigate the risk of financial crime and protect your information from unauthorized use.
Authorization is no longer a must for our clients. Only in some cases though our managers may ask you to authorize your account to gain extra protection. By confirming your identity, you indicate that your requests should be processed with extra attention from our staff members. As for the confidentiality, you can be 100% certain that your personal details can be accessed only by you and an authorized member of our Risk Department. Customer data is not stored on third-party platforms and not shared with anyone.
The only documents we need from you are photos of your credit card and a document confirming your identity (e.g., a passport, library card, student identity card, or driver’s license). Any document featuring your photo, first and last names, birthdate, and address will also suffice.
All we need are the last four digits of a card number, its type and issuer, and cardholder's full name. We don’t have to see other information such as the CVV code and the expiry date. Therefore, you can cover those details when taking a picture of the card.
All we require is your full name. You can cover other details since we do not need them to verify your account and payments.
We will compare the provided information with the details about a transaction from the payment system. Afterward, photos of the documents provided by you will be erased permanently.
The payment processor we use always provides us with key transaction details. These details are the last four digits of your credit card, its type and issuer, cardholder's full name, residence and billing address.
An authorized member of our Risk Department will compare the billing details with information provided by you. If everything matches, they confirm the validity of the payment.
This approach to payment can be practiced; however, we need to ensure that the cardholder does not object the transaction. For this reason, they should provide authorization documents listed above. Additionally, we might ask for authorization via phone.
We’ve developed the authorization process to ensure your financial safety. When a transaction takes place, we can access the requested details. However, there’s still a need to confirm that a cardholder has consented to the transaction. If we suspect fraudulent financial activity, we will notify the authorities so they could block a credit card.
Let us ensure you that it is absolutely safe to share personal information with us. It will only be accessed by the Risk Department and erased afterward. Under no circumstances will it be disclosed to third parties. We appreciate your trust and will never undermine it.
Online transactions are inherently fraught with risk. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to protect you from identity theft, CNP fraud, account takeover, and other types of credit card fraud by authorizing your account. Upon noticing suspicious financial activity, you should contact the members of our Risk Department to prevent criminals from accessing your money.
Nothing can be easier. Just follow the steps in the tutorial at the top of the page and email us the requested documents.