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This post is written by Deon, a student from the University of Tampa and our regular customer. We have asked him to try out and describe his user experience with the new product that hit the market at the beginning of 2021 – a paid database of sample academic papers by We publish Deon's review without any changes.
wowessays premium prices

Hi, my name is Deon, and I'm an alco… wait, no! I'm a student who regularly buys custom model papers from FloridaEssay. I was a bit surprised (and, let's face it, flattered) when my personal manager contacted me, offering to try out and then review another writing assistance service – in exchange for the next order for free.

What's the catch? The service they asked me to review doesn't craft papers upon customer's request; instead, you buy already written essays online. To be more precise, WowEssays Premium is a paid sample database that gives you access to their humongous catalog – over 1 million (!) entries. There, you can find essays and other academic papers on the most various topics and use them as models to follow and learn from. So, is access to numerous samples worth paying for? Read my post to find out!

Buy Pre-Written Essays Apiece? – No, Get Access to the Entire Database!

There are many websites where you can order an entirely original piece crafted for you from scratch – top-notch papers from reliable companies can cost you an arm and a leg. There are fewer websites where you can view several hundreds of samples for free or buy a pre-written essay for cheap – their originality is questionable and the quality is highly doubtful. And then there's only a handful of huge sample databases that offer paid access to first-rate papers – their high quality is often proved by their previous successful submission.

wowessays premium prices

Eventually, I was given access to the newest and apparently the largest database of essays out there – WowEssays Premium. There are very few brief service reviews on the Web (it's the latest launched paid database, remember?), so it looks like I have the honor of being the pioneer of describing this resource top to bottom. Let's start, then.

To me, it looks like WowEssays Premium is a side project of the writing company. My guess is that's how they enhance the range of rendered services and try to attract new customers. Anyway, I had a 3-month subscription priced at $59.99 – the duration clearly aimed to suit the semester system. Other options include plans for 7 days ($9.99). 1 month ($36.99), and 6 months ($89.99). The registration is performed via email only, logging in with Facebook or Google is unavailable at the moment. Each subscription plan gives you instant access to all samples along with unlimited downloads (usually in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format). In turn, unregistered users can browse the sample directory, use a built-in search, read samples' titles and brief previews without access to full texts.

Is It the Best Essays Online Collection? – Probably. And the Largest, Too!

WowEssays Premium creators claim that the database includes over 1 MILLION samples of all types – from already written essays to entire dissertations – on virtually any topic. If the number is true (I personally didn't find a way to verify it), that's an undisputed market leader. In any case, my experience with WowEssays Premium shows that you can find tons of helpful samples here. The question here is not whether you'd find a piece you can use to your benefit, but how do you find the one among a myriad of others?

That's where I appreciated WowEssays Premium's usability and straightforward yet effective navigation system. For starters, samples are grouped by paper type. Narrative or argumentative essays? Tens of thousands. Term papers? Over 8 thousand. Even several thousands of scholarship essays – though they don't display this item in the list of available paper types. Also, samples are categorized by topics. In turn, topics are alphabetized for faster navigation.

And of course, the database has a built-in search engine where you can enter keywords and browse the returned results. Moreover, each search method is augmented with filters for fine-tuning your query. Eventually, you can select a subject and then filter out only personal statements on this particular topic. Or vice versa – visit the case study directory and narrow results down to sociology-related papers only.

In a nutshell, the vast variety of samples, combined with effective search and navigation systems, increases your chances of finding wow college essays and other paper samples you can take advantage of many-fold. I, for one, benefited from using WowEssays Premium in several ways. For example, it prompted me the ideas for a speech on environmental leadership; let me understand that I've been structuring most of my previous research proposals wrong; even showcased several impressive critical thinking writing techniques that I'll probably be using from now on. Overall, the entire huge paid sample database seems quite interesting and helpful. Its biggest drawback is that reading examples and then writing your own piece still takes time.

Going Beyond Premium Essay Examples

wowessays tools

Apart from samples, Wow Essays Premium also offers a wide range of writing assistance tools – topic and citation generators, grammar and readability checkers, various converters, counters, and calculators.

The thing is, they apparently aren't tied to subscription plans and come absolutely for free as supplementary utilities. While they might be quite useful to polish your paper, many of their functions are available in MS Word. And the main catch is that it all requires time – again. In this regard, nothing can replace a good ol' custom writing service.

Speaking of which, I cannot but mention that – the parent company for WowEssays Premium – does provide premium writing assistance to students of all academic levels. I figured it's already been reviewed on FloridaEssay, so check it out for more detail and, possibly, a discount code.


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Can I access and download already written essays for free at WowEssays Premium?

Without the active subscription – that is, for free – you can browse the WowEssays Premium database, use its built-in search engine, read samples' titles and brief previews. However, you cannot access samples' full-text versions and download them in any form.

How to read a full premium essay on a specific topic?

There are two main ways you can find and read full premium essay samples on a particular topic. First, you can browse the entries sorted by popular topics. Alternatively, you can enter topic-related keywords into an on-site search field and browse the results (you can also sort the results out by paper type and/or size).

Is the WowEssays Premium essay database subscription auto-renewable?

Out of four WowEssays Premium subscription plans, three are auto-renewable – for 1, 3, and 6 months. Re-billing occurs according to your subscription period on the date that precedes the original purchase date. Respectively, if you have a 1-month subscription, it'll be auto-renewed monthly; if it's 3 months, re-billing will be performed every three months; and if it's 6 months, you will be charged two times a year.

Can I submit pre-written essays from the WowEssays Premium database as my own?

Well, it's a free country – you can do whatever you want. However, I would never submit a sample from an online database – even a paid one – as my own. Chances that your college's or university's anti-plagiarism system would red-flag such a piece are unfavorably high. After all, that's not what sample databases are made for. If it's an emergency, you'd better order a custom paper crafted for you from scratch by an expert writer according to your requirements (as I've mentioned, does that kind of stuff).

wowessays is safe

Do I get a refund if I change the subscription plan to a cheaper one?

No. As a support agent explained to me, WowEssays Premium doesn't offer refunds due to the specifics of their operating model and unlimited access to samples customers get once they subscribe. So, if you're not sure, you might want to purchase a 7-day or 1-month access at a very modest price.

My Overall WowEssays Premium Essays Sample Database Rating

Okay, it's time to draw conclusions now. I'm not a frequent samples user, but as far as I'm concerned, WowEssays Premium does offer arguably the best academic essays in terms of amount and quality, as well as the variety of topics covered and paper types presented. As I've already mentioned in this review, the Wow Essays database won't replace a full-fledged custom writing service – and I'm sure it's not supposed to. At the same time, it could be remarkably useful for students who don't consider paying for by-order writing as an option.

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